PAUWR Restaurant Platform

We acknowledge that Philadelphia’s food culture has been anchored for the last 20 years by undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Central America. As such, we agree to the following principles:

  1. As stated in the City Council Resolution dated April 27, 2017, recognizing every person’s fundamental human right to work, and a commitment to protect and secure a safe and dignified workplace.
  2. Acknowledging the value of immigrant workers, regardless of immigration status, to the restaurant industry in Philadelphia.
  3. Supporting policies that decriminalize undocumented immigrants who work for the restaurant industry and provides them with a pathway to citizenship in the US.
  4. Affirming support for the city’s policies to protect and welcome immigrants, such as prohibiting city officials from inquiring into immigration status, refusing to honor ICE detainers, prohibiting ICE access to the PARS database, and providing language access for all governmental services to all residents.
  5. Refusing to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the following ways: (1) admittance of any agents of DHS who do not possess a search and/or arrest warrant; (2) inspection of I-9 forms by DHS or DOL only after a minimum of three days written notice and only when a DHS warrant or subpoena specifically names employees or requires the production of I-9 forms; and (3) revealing any additional information to DHS, such as “the names, addresses or immigration status” of any employees in the absence of a valid subpoena or search warrant.
  6. Treating all restaurant workers with dignity and respect by agreeing to:
    • Paying the tipped minimum wage;
    • Paying overtime for any hours worked beyond 40 hours per week;
    • Providing all tips earned by staff;
    • Prohibiting any transfer of credit card charges to servers or other staff.
  7. Comply with Philadelphia’s paid sick leave ordinance.
  8. Comply with anti-discrimination laws that prohibit harassment based on gender, race, national origin, religion, disability, age, or sexual orientation and participate in an anti-sexual harassment training by Coalition for Restaurant Safety and Health.
  9. Create a grievance policy for workers to complain about any of the above requirements.