A Day Without Immigrants

In Philadelphia, we are a city proud of our immigrants, a designated sanctuary city, but also a city of individuals and grass-roots groups prepared to protect some of our most vulnerable neighbors. It has become clear the rhetoric of this administration uses fear above logic to target black, brown, muslim and Mexican immigrants, specifically, as innocent scapegoats to the growing failures of imperialist-capitalism. As Philadelphians and good neighbors, we are proud to welcome and home our immigrant family and friends(regardless of their legal status) and honor their contributions to life in our city.

Building on the momentum of the first strike, we are preparing for a second city-wide demonstration (#ADayWithoutImmigrants / #UnDíaSinInmigrantes) in support of immigrant rights on Monday May 1st, 2017. In solidarity with the worker’s strike, the restaurants below have agreed to close their doors on May 1st.

Participating Restaurants

Saté Kampar
1837 E Passyunk Ave
Phila, PA 19148

Hungry Pigeon
743 S 4th St.
Phila, PA 19147

Mole Poblano
1144 S 9th St.
Phila, PA 19147

1615 E Passyunk Ave.
Phila, PA 19148
Le Virtù
1927 Passyunk Ave
Phila, PA 19148

El Sarape
1304 S 9th St.
Phila, PA 19146

W/N W/N Coffee Bar
931 Spring Garden St.
Phila, PA 19123

El Compadre
1149 S 9th St.
Phila, PA 19147










In action to keep the community fed, there will be a pot luck that day at Bok in South Philly(1901 S 9th St.) to honor immigrant workers and the restaurants who chose to close for the day.

If you are a restaurant owner or worker and would like more information on participating in May 1st A Day Without Immigrants, please contact us at: right2workinvites@gmail.com